Skiteacher Zermatt

Welcome. I'm happy to guide you as federal dipl. Ski instructor in Zermatt with a lot of know-how in our ski world.

Do you want to work on your technique and improve your skills, get to know the most beautiful and one of the biggest ski areas, carry out great powder snow or variant runs, dine in the best restaurants on the slopes or take a trip to Cervinia in Italy?

As a federal dipl. Snow sports instructor from the ski school #Zermatters, i would be happy to accompany and supervise you on the world's best ski slopes and to organize everything to your satisfaction.

I hope to be able to count you as my guests soon and wish you a pleasant tour on my site.
see you soon Adrian Perren

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Since winter 2018/18, I have been sponsored by the Swiss ski manufacturer RTC, based in Valais. The factory is located in Glis. There, every single RTC ski is carefully crafted by hand.

Let it carve!

That's how easy it is to sum up the RTC product philosophy. RTC develops skis that are geared to natural functionality and thus offer the beginner and the expert a guarantee for a power-saving and ready-to-use skiing pleasure.

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Since 2000 I work as a freelance graduated Snowsports instructor for the official Ski and snowboard school Zermatters


Trained as an certified snow sports instructor with BBT recognition and member of the club since 1998.


Sponsored by Swiss ski manufacturer RTC, based in Valais, since winter 2018/19. Every single RTC ski is carefully crafted by hand.

Training Academy

Since 2015 Discovery Instructor. The aim of the Discovery Academy is to sensitize freeriders to alpine hazards and to prevent accidents.